August 1, 2018

Dear Residents,

The District has recently been made aware that some residents living adjacent to conservation areas are trespassing on District-owned conservation property.

Specifically, residents, or someone on their behalf, have cleared past their property line into a conservation parcel owned by the District. Please be aware that the conservation area adjacent to your property should not be altered in any way. This includes removal of trees or clearing of debris. Please be further aware that you are solely responsible to know your lot’s boundary and to ensure that you are not taking any action on District-owned property.

Any of the foregoing actions on the District’s property are a civil trespass, and some of them may be a violation of a conservation easement recorded against the property and permits issued by the St. Johns Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers. This letter shall serve as formal notice that, should you clear past your property line and the District is subject to any fine or penalty or otherwise adversely impacted as a result of the activity on the District’s
property, the District hereby reserves the right to seek full recovery from you, including all fees and costs related to such recovery.


Jill Burns
District Manager
407-841-5524 extension 115