Las Calinas Controlled Access Guardhouse

Remote Access Update: August 23, 2018

The Palencia Property Management Office is currently processing all the Las Calinas gate call box entry requests from recent email submissions. The call box should be updated to reflect the resident information by the beginning of September.

We encourage you to read the listed reminders below:

There are only three methods in which to enter an unmanned gate:

  1. By barcode decal (registered residents)
  2. Resident remotely granting a visitor access
  3. Virtual Guard: *During operating hours

Barcode: Palencia residents can register at the Property Management office and receive access barcodes that allow entrance to the community gates. Please contact our office you have not registered as a Palencia resident: 904-810-0520

Call Box: When guests approach the Las Calinas Blvd. gate, they will have to search for a resident’s name by using the keypad. The system will then autodial the phone number provided.

The resident answering the call will press 9 on their phone to open the entrance gate. If the resident does not wish to grant access, they simply hang up, ending the call, and denying the caller access. The all box number that will appear on caller id is 904-814-8769.

If you would like your name to appear in in the call box, please contact our office at Please allow up to two weeks for your information to appear in the system.

DUE TO DATA STORAGE LIMITATIONS: One contact number/name entry per household or per family.

Name will appear: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME up to 15 characters.

Virtual Guard: When guests approach the Virtual Guard Station, they press the call button. This enables the video feature on the virtual station and calls the guard on duty at the North Guardhouse. The guard will take the visitors information as if they were coming through the manned gate and allow access.

Please Note: The Palencia North Gate Guardhouse (904-819-0006) is manned 24/7 and allows access to the Palencia North Community.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through any technical issues that may arise with introducing the new long-distance feature to the call box.

Las Calinas Gate:

Phone: (904) 248-2990

Hours: Weekdays: 7AM-6PM, *Virtual Guard: 11PM-7AM

Saturday: 8AM-6PM, *Virtual Guard: 11PM-7AM

Sunday: 12PM-6PM, *Virtual Guard: 11PM-7AM